Mittwoch, 16. Februar 2011

Stemmerhof, 12. Februar

Some pictures we took at Stemmerhof on Saturday. We had a good variety of things made by us good inhabitants of Munich. Without this showcase market event, you wouldn't know the talent and creativity that exists in each of us!

Moments within a moment by the lady herself.

Attending to customer... to visit her website online, click here.

Well made clothes by Simone of Simi-Go

Geeky alien egg warmers waiting to take over Earth... crocheted by Missus D 

Now you can dress eggs up in bunny hats too! See more...

Linocut print bunnies hold on to your eggs for you and Paul the Octopus immortalised in linocut. The artist himself being studious.

Looking closely at intricately handcrafted polymer clay jewellery. Everything is one-of-a-kind.

Even the artisan is one-of-a-kind! Hello!

If you didn't get to see them at Stemmerhof, you can view their work online. However, it is always great to be able to meet with the artisan and chat with them about their work, keep watching this space to find out about more of our showcase markets!

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